Shimano ST-6700 Ultegra Double 10-Speed Shifter Set is engineered with precision which makes it an ideal choice for competitive mountain bike riders and enthusiasts. It features an ergonomic shift arc which follows the natural movement of the hand, with inward shift stroke distance reduced to provide precise and rapid changing of gears. The brake lever pivots are positioned for improved ergonomics and increased power. The tunable reach adjusters are designed to fit all hands.
The shift cables of the Shimano ST-6700 Ultegra Double 10-Speed Shifter Set are routed under the bar tape. This is made possible by positioning and re-development of the internal mechanism in combination with PTFE cables to provide lighter, smoother and faster shifting. The carbon fiber brake lever and the dual internal cable routing for both the shifter and the brake make the steering response to lighten, weight reduced and cockpit aesthetics cleaned up. This shifter set has new lever shape for improved braking performance, optimized hand placement and lightweight carbon brake lever.

Shimano ST-6700 Ultegra Double 10-Speed Shifter Set Features and Specifications:

  • Internal cable routing
  • Lighter steering action and a clean handlebar area
  • New brake lever pivot location
  • Closer pivot point improves braking performance from the hood position
  • Reach adjustable
  • Reach adjustment is located neatly under brake hoods for comfort with all hand sizes
  • Carbon brake lever
  • Dual control lever shifter
  • Cassette: 10 Speeds
  • Stainless-steel shift cable
  • Compatible with FlightDeck for efficient training
  • Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 8 x 3 inches
  • Product Weight: 445 grams per pair

Shimano ST-6700 Ultegra Double 10-Speed Shifter Set Review

The Shimano ST-6700 Ultegra Double 10-Speed Shifter Set got excellent rating online. The STI concept is a major advancement in mountain bike technology. The shifters make braking and shifting smooth so bikers will be excited and pleased with the ride. Even customers who are not mechanically inclined can be able to install the shifters themselves because of the technical support from the Shimano websites. There are also internet blogs on installation to make individual installation possible.

Threading the cables through the shifters is quite tricky, but the real downside is that Shimano doesn’t mention that the drop tube cable stops are not included in the package. These are essential pieces of hardware sold in most bike shops at about $6 a piece, and you’ll need two pieces for the left and the right.
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